The Fate Of The Kitten Begging To Be Saved In Vietnam

The article is below.  Follow the link to see what happened to this kitten.


9 responses to “The Fate Of The Kitten Begging To Be Saved In Vietnam

    • This was the advert to public show people a nicetude that didn’t happen. They left the kitten there to fend on his own or her own which in all likelihood with the attitude towards pets this kitten would have faced death as the article states. Be well.


  1. I am sorry , but I am weak. I couldn’t face this when you first told me of it. I can’t deal with it now. I would rather think what happened was humans rose to a higher peak, but they did not. So I must now understand we are just flawed animals. It is a thought tempered only by the idea that some of us choose to be better today than we were yesterday regardless of those who choose to stay flawed animals. I will let my heart, ruled by my mind, lead me to doing what I can in the world I live to make it a better place for all. Thanks and hugs


  2. I have had a cat same color, found almost the same way. She was with me for over 17 years. This cat lived every day as you see. My lack of understanding of maybe cause, this was kittys nature. I still miss her seeing this picture helps me feel better after loosing my precious friend.

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