Happy Mother’s day Momma ( A mother upon the heart )

I would like to wish all mother’s a Happy Mother’s day.
A mother upon the heart  
    Today is an emotional time for me. 

Here are my words Momma to accompany you on your voyage to the other side.

Your shadow is all that I see of your whisper.

The warm essence of your wings I feel at this moment caressing my soul’s loss.

Spirit writes the lines of our departure from the earth plane and we glide

with joy upon its sentences. Momma is near us.  I can sense her near me.  

She will always be there and when our turn comes to leave, she will extend her hand

towards us for us to take the voyage with her to Spirit  ourselves. 

But at this time I feel the loss. I am grieving and I am anguished. 

My heart is troubled and I am angry with Spirit for having taken her.

I can remember when I was young, Momma sewed our tattered spirits. 

She bathed us and also bathed our sorrows away.  She prepared our meals and we were

nourished by her spirit.  Momma nursed our illnesses but she also healed our emotional pain of life.

This is a mother I miss.  This is a mother for whom my heart sheds tears, a reminder of

ardent memories.

Momma, I hear the heartbeat of your music in the silent night.  I see you in the

wind combing the hair of the trees.  You are the radiant color upon the wheat fields.

You are the autumn’s hush that washes the flower’s faces which have survived the

summer’s season.  I see the reflection of your face upon the calm sea. 

You are the smile of nature.  Momma is part of the sun: however, the sun is only but

a grain of sand of warmth.  A true warmth awaits you in Spirit’s light.

Almost all sunflowers turn towards the sun all day.  I know Momma has always turned

towards the light on the road of life.
Momma, my garden is your garden today. Let’s harvest our memories of joy

in celebrating with joy your departure. The body liberates the soul to allow

its flight.  Here is a last goodbye to the memory of flesh, and always a welcome

to the flight of Momma’s soul.

The distant field is calling you. 

Go; go to the destination of birth.  Do not weep.  She is not there.  

She will always be with us and amongst us. 

Goodbye Momma until my own flight.
7719a1efd0272cf62ef119b6f41b3fb5   Images courtesy of google images.   @Joeparent
Momma always loved this hymn and is dedicated to her.


15 responses to “Happy Mother’s day Momma ( A mother upon the heart )

  1. Thank you for your wishes. I have to say that my heart goes out to you and your sorrowful loss. I know it myself. I see the beauty you put forth here as an honoring of your Momma. Blessings to you.

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