Something to write home about



8 responses to “Something to write home about

  1. I see time stands still as the world changes ­čÖé
    the pear reminded me of my first book I couldn’t live without
    “James and the Giant Peach”

    I like the images, Thank you for sharing them
    ( I got an email from a Paul, but I didn’t know the last name, I wasn’t sure it
    was you so I didn’t open, ( I have trust issues with names I don’t know:) )
    let me know if it was you….

    Hope you are reveling in Spring in your neck of the world…I am, though I miss the Solitude of my own spacemore these days *sigh* and life keeps going on and on

    Take Care Phoron…You Matter………

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  2. Nice to hear from you Fallon. Joe is my real name but I went with Paul growing up until I was nailed at the license bureau to produce a birth certificate. When I did they said my real name is Joe. Had to change all my ID but people still call me Paul. Yes that was my email from Paul I sent.

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