#NaPoWriMo 11

Another poem from our visiting poet Carla Dawn Dunlap.

The Flow of Stardust ...

The Turkey Vultures have ceased their claiming of the two dead oaks at the head of the spillway above the bog … it is decisive now that the woodpeckers can have them by day … the vultures will have dark dominion over them … rain from the fields above becomes mouthfuls rushing lust to reach more if it’s self … joining into one as the growing swell and then hover inside ceasing stillness … the heat of Summer’s panting evaporates their clamor clinging to the thickness … sludge dangles in pod lure moss wads … once more to find their origins and revival tent freedoms in the rain … On duty, the two gold sheen hunch back hand maidens, left as guardians … welcomed my sight and occurrence as I rounded the bend to cross over to the far bank … at the least fifty more will join them by…

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