Adele – Skyfall (Lyric Video)

I write poetry to music, not necessarily listening to the lyrics which usually I don’t hear or I hear Skyfall like in this video by Adele which will spurn off many poems.  I wonder what your methods for writing are????


6 responses to “Adele – Skyfall (Lyric Video)

  1. StW, it seems quite a few writers are inspired by music. I think art begets art. Personally, rhymes just start running around in my head (especially when I am upset or unsettled) and the best way for me to quiet the beast is to start writing the words down.

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  2. Yes that makes sense. I can also get poetry when everything is absolutely still. Your method I have not heard of before and seems interesting. Sometimes I am walking about and a poem will hit me–that is why I always carry a notebook and pen with me. Be well.

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