Taking a break

I took a break when my partner passed away and came back with new words.  As time went on I found myself without words for new poetry.  It is as though the sun scorched them away although I do write poems here and there.  Lately, the poems I have been using are from the past.  I am tired and disenchanted at the moment.  To be honest I have been feeling this for a while.  I think it is time for me to take a lengthy break.  There is twice this week I almost deleted this site.  I think in my interest it isn’t wise to do so at the moment.  I will come on once in a while to read.  I wish you all well.


Years of madness





Years of madness


I wandered through the darkness digging at my past in a soul’s

breeze of recollection.

From a morning burst, a phrase from my thoughts speaks in a

twilight of broken dreams.

The passion inside drapes itself over a perjury that stumbled

into a heretic’s lexicon.

Prepare at will the claws of voice strings unraveling to become

a veritable noose around your ideas.

While purging the nervousness of comfort which sinks into the

song of peeling humanity’s skin back to the beginning while

watching the universe perspire.

Now we teeter on the justice scale entering the reverie in the

web of insanity foretold.

The clouds shed away the red moon drip and covered the sackcloth

sun, a sky yelling and hollering of predictions that have


Pretension is the face of the new red waiting by the river of

shadow melding in the new black.

The breath of an impression of becoming our stories slams into

the walls of reverence.

Our holistic avenues dug up and paved with the sting of humanity

nestled amongst the all-knowing spectacles of collusion.

I caught fireflies in my jar to light my way in the darkness of

your life put on the altar of nirvana being mocked.

A doorway to sanctity, a mind for sale, a brain to munch-a

chill, an ice cube of desire with the glint of a diamond

expiring within the melt of chivalry.

The iron backbone serves its purpose and must bend at times with

the braiding of kingdoms under the spell of ingenuity.

A meadow of feelings sway in the wind of chance during an

upheaval of scattering seeds in the face of doing same under the

umbrella of progeny.

The walls speak the smell of defeat and I ask, “Where are the

birds?” – A sign to purge.

Staining the relationship between oneness and the ego which

paints a lone canvas painting its own lone canvas caressing the

conduits of praise.

A trickle of sanity shows itself deduced by showing me the

thunder dancing with the clouds showing me something else than a

life being wasted.



Death of a soul



Death of a Soul


I ate from the dust of cosmic dawning and spat out crackling


While the light’s curiosity wanders into unknown landscapes

painted by desire,

And the vision was on fire with drooping flames of pity.

We saw you claw ferociously at the fabric of blood-soaked


We also watched your hungry sabers slice through many cups of

spilled chaos,

As we listened to the endless cesspool of human thoughts gone mad.

An anathema of esoterica ceased with a display of bruised lips

and a knock on the chin.

The dark cloak smothered the stars and my precarious birthing

took place amongst the vapors of genie lamps.

I am everyone’s star twinkling anguish over a chosen life.

I belong to the darkness within the Jaws of Life;

Bleeding the nights into pandemonium,

With masquerade shades of the moon,

And a simple silver language is spoken.

A betrayal of the essence of regeneration tumbling for a fall

and quickened into reality.

The curtain of Genesis now ripped and trying to sew itself up in


A sackcloth dissertation veiled tightly over my listless spirit

regurgitating life and experiences.

The soul of my flame begins an irreverence of dying down,

While the tongue hangs out, dripping of non-viability soured by

an innate pulse.

This is when a death of a soul occurred in the upheaval of the


A dead soul was decried in the universe and beyond non-compo

mentis comprehension.

It wasn’t the first.

It spoke of a carnal fire that speaks of lust.

And then,

A flicker was seen out of the darkness.



Cracked mirrors



Cracked mirrors



Her flaxen hair

Of silky waves

When she pirouettes

In the wind

In circles of her life

Circling her life

Into retrospect

While all is well

She was searching

Within herself

The unsavory bits

She wanted

To look at

Looking at the truth

Pissing her off

Then acceptance

The tears

The sobs

 On ego’s shoulder

To cry on

Wiping her tears

Raising herself up

Chin up


And she thought

Nothing will ever change

Within cracked mirrors



Grief is a gift



Grief is a gift


There is a heart in heart connection.

Please grab onto my soul and don’t let’s go.

Forever I ask from you to stay all the while by my side.

My essence flies with a flutter from you.

We are going on a sojourn of memories when you were walking the


But there is a time when the sky expresses my tears.

And I’m comforted by the cradle of love.

Rocking me into reality.

You left my spirit shattered.

I was a lost sheep wandering aimlessly.

Separation justified my heartache.

Painting itself into my world.

Nothing can stop this journey.

I was so in love.

Our lives burning in the essence,

Of the flame,

We started so long ago.

By the moon’s charming ways.

We were captivated by the pull that lulled our adventure to be


Sorrow is a bridge I travelled upon.

And with time sunshine made itself present.

The tears dried up and replace with fondness and with a smile.

But there was light through the darkness.

And again I walk the road of happiness.

Although the ache in my heart remains,

And softly beats of missing you.

Then there is clarity and peace its companion.

I realized then that Grief had become a gift.







Candle tears



Candle tears

Lit in life

Sentinels keep watch

Harbouring the light

Keep seekers of dreams

Washed Ashore


Truncated in headlights

Flickering ingenuity

Messages in code

Paper nightmares

Fly away dreams

To wake up

To dribbling wax

Shedding candle tears