Candle tears



Candle tears

Lit in life

Sentinels keep watch

Harbouring the light

Keep seekers of dreams

Washed Ashore


Truncated in headlights

Flickering ingenuity

Messages in code

Paper nightmares

Fly away dreams

To wake up

To dribbling wax

Shedding candle tears




Bathing in the stars



Bathing in stars


Sparkling fireflies of the night,

With a penchant mystery for echoing lit solitude.

The secrets of the star with undetermined energy,

Speaks of their astrological jargon repeated in the travel of time.

Earth dwellers ride the twinkles with foggy eyes seeking truths.

A sign perhaps eloquently diluted of its meaning over time.

I sent a muse to the seductive moon who roams to the twist of madness,

Stirred in a basket of thoughts confined,

Static, in the symphony of the sky.

I wrote a message within a message which twinkled up the sky.

I ate into grief momentarily to banish an essence.

If I could unshackle myself from this prison,

And I would take wing as of yesterday and bathe in the stars.



Confidence in a seed

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all well.  Time slips away and when looking back we tell ourselves how fast time is going it boggles your mind at times.  Enjoy every moment as we do not know when we will leave the earth journey.  Be well, my friends.  Below is a poem I wrote in 1979 with my foray into poetry writing in my English class when I was in High school.




Confidence in a seed

Only if we had,

Our confidence in a seed,

Without question,

Without understanding,

Just to let it be:

Into the invisible of confidence,

Which grows flowers,

Into recycling,

Without question.